Stuart Mitchell (Artist / Producer)

Stuart Mitchell is a Bristol, UK based multidisciplinary artist / producer. His visual artwork, which is often themed around ritual, altered states and subconscious imagery, is created through a combination of painting, printing, photography, video and animation which he combines and develops into works of imagination. The composite nature of the work often gives it an element of ambiguity leaving it open to interpretation.

20+ years working in the creative industries led Mitchell to study Digital Art and Technology at the University of Plymouth. Since graduating with a BSc(Hons) in 2007 he has worked with public arts producers, galleries, museums, film and animation festivals, theatre companies, visual artists and musicians on a vast array of arts and digital media projects whilst continuously developing his own art practice through oil painting, printing, film, animation and sound production. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries and art fairs in the UK, Europe and the USA.